Small Isolated Islands

Small isolated islands are the present hot subject for Investment opportunities here in the Repulbic of Indonesia. The Department of Sea Resources and Fisheries has undertaken a study to develop a stragic model to stimulate Economic Development is boarder islands around the Indonesian Archipleago.

This study is being submitted to the Goverment on the 20th of January and makes recomendations, that include Marina Developments, Regional and Local Fast Ferry Operations, resort developments in areas of the country, were no resorts presently exist. In order to streamline these recomendations, the Federal and Local Governments, have both agreed to provide very favorable tax incentives and administrative fast tracking for project approvals in these areas.

Present Targeted Areas include:

  • NATUNA Islands, East of Singapore, in the Riau Archipelago.
  • Derawan Islands, off the East Coast of Kalimantan
  • THe Raja Empat Islands of West Papua, an area that has seen great interest in the past 3 years and us classed as one of the world’s most diverse areas for tropical fish species and corals.

For additional information on Investments in Indonesia’s Marine Tourism Industry, please contact Mr. Robin Engel through this site.